Cloud computing in the Education sector Cloud computing is a technology utilizing the web to facilitate information access and improve collaboration. The benefits of cloud revolve not just around large, small or medium enterprises but...

IBM-VMware partnership to ensure seamless workload migration to IBM Cloud The cloud war between the Big Four (IBM, AWS, Microsoft, Google) is heating up with each competitor forming their own strategic partnerships with the big...

This event is for qualified industry IT Management Professionals ~   CIOs, VPs of IT, Director and Managers of IT  ~ Business Leadership Series: "CIO Leadership:  Aligning with Board’s Agenda" Reviewing IT Turnaround Best Practices Russell SwinneyCEO...

This event is for qualified industry IT Management Professionals ~   CIOs, VPs of IT, Director and Managers of IT  ~    WHAT:     IT Management & CIOs Luncheon  (Complimentary / Free for Qualified Attendees and TechExecs Members)    WHEN:    ...

Products like vRealize Orchestrator work like a universal remote to orchestrate (integrate and automate) different types of datacenter services and software, reducing tasks that used to take days or even weeks down to a single...

Common Cloud Terminology

13th February 2015

Terminology Governance – policies and processes that govern responsible cloud and virtualization operations that can include the following: lease times and reclamation, idle and sprawl awareness, sizing limitations, chargeback, showback, catalog offerings, allowable menu actions,...

Migration Services

11th February 2016

Infographics on VTG’s approach to Infrastructure migration using the proprietary tool ZENfra, providing a 23 point health check and best practices implementation to ensure a smooth end to end transition that is 40% faster and results in 40% less downtime.

Managed IT Services

11th February 2016

Infographics on VTG’s Managed IT services which simplifies your IT management and what makes us stand apart as an MSP.

Cloud Service

11th February 2016

Infographics on VTG’s Cloud services and solutions. It also includes the Top Cloud adoption drivers and Cloud computing spending.


11th February 2016

Infographics on VTG’s DevOps Automation services that improves code quality, provides continuous integration and ensures faster delivery thereby letting you get ahead of your competition.


12th April 2016

IBM’s strategic partnership with VMware, Ericsson working with AWS to make carriers more agile, Red Hat’s Gluster Storage on Google Compute Engine, Cisco introduces a new NFV software stack at Cisco Partner Summit, EMC launched VMAX all flash, DSSD D5Read More...


8th March 2016

Rightscale survey shows the biggest barrier for enterprises to migrate to cloud is ‘lack of resources and expertise’, Microsoft fortifies Azure stack with PaaS and DevOps tools, CoreOS’s Rocket ready for production, EMC-VCE-VMware jointly launches Hyper-converged VxRail appliance..


9th February 2016

HDS announces new Oracle database 12c solutions, Hyper-convergence – the rage these days, Growing cloud influencing fuels new partnerships, Containers are here to stay, EMA survey shows interactions between Dev and Ops key for growth..


12th January 2016

Organizations plan to invest in Big data by 2016, Global threats reaching highest recorded level, Downtime costs small businesses revenue and clients, 60% of backups done by organizations are reported to be incomplete and 50% of restores fail..

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