The Best People, Best Tools and the Best Technologies


By partnering with VTG, you will be working with a leading player in cloud and data center solutions.

Your team can draw on the resources and expertise of highly skilled people, working with best practices and innovative tools to create the optimum IT environment for your business.

Our leaders have more than 50 years’ experience in data center and cloud technologies. We use that experience to focus on a few key areas so we can provide you with a quality service from a team of specialists.

Our people have highly developed skills in key disciplines. They receive continuous training and they are fully qualified with up-to-date certifications from the industry’s leading vendors.

The teams use proven processes and best practice, together with innovative automation tools such as ZENfra, which can reduce migration times by 30 percent and costs by 25 percent.

Our specialist advisers work as part of your team, solving your business and technical challenges, transferring knowledge and skills, and becoming trusted partners.