Reduce Migration Time and Costs


VTG’s automation tool ZENfra manages and monitors migration projects to cut lead times by 30 to 40 percent and reduce costs by 25 percent compared to traditional in-house methods.

ZENfra integrates initial assessment, development of a strategic migration plan and pre-migration to ensure a successful end-to-end transition. By automating the collection of data from log files, ZENfra eliminates the complexity of data capture and reduces the risk of human error.



ZENfra Data Collection

  • Collects data using log files
  • No agents required to collect information
  • Vendor-specific log file-based analysis
  • Custom data collection based on requirements
  • Very easy to upload the log files to ZENfra
  • Keeps multiple data-points for comparison based on date and time

ZENfra Process

  • ZENfra processes log file and creates a database with the required information
  • Database easily modified to add additional data fields

ZENfra Migration Project Management

  • Migration tasks and project management
  • Project tasks, notification and reporting
  • Creates migration plan and design workbook